Allergies and Stress

Today I would like to talk about a topic that is not much written about, but is very important when talking about allergies. It is stress. Did you know that stress can affect allergies? Did you know that stress can cause hives to appear ? Both stress and allergies can cause hives to appear. Facing a dreaded situation or feeling … Read more

Health tips for Dry itchy skin

Do you get itchy skin in the winter ? Is the itching and flaking driving you crazy? Don’t worry; you can take steps to protect and soothe your skin. With proper care, healthy, glowing skin is achievable, even during winter. Stop Itching Skin Naturally Itchy skin can be treated naturally, with a combination of topical … Read more

5 Tips for Good Oral Hygiene

Oral hygiene is simply the act of regularly working towards keeping your mouth and teeth clean to avoid having dental troubles, in particular the dreaded dental caries (fillings) as well as gingivitis, and more commonly, bad breath. I saw a poster once in a doctor’s office that depicted that many diseases we suffer with, start out … Read more


An abrasion is quite simply a surface bruise to the upper layer of your skin, known as the epidermis. It may sometimes have slight bleeding but most times you just see an area of damaged skin with redness below where the blood has accumulated. In most cases, abrasions do not leave scars but deep abrasions … Read more

Acid Reflux

With our deteriorating food supply and our fast paced lifestyles is it any wonder that more and more people everyday suffer from acid reflux?   Some choose to go straight to their doctor to get a prescription drug to deal with this condition… but why would you want to risk all of the side effects … Read more


Teenagers are the usual victims of acne as it is a side effect of the hormonal changes taking place in their bodies. Some adults also have bouts of acne. Whether in a teenager or an adult it is an embarrassing condition to deal with and can also be painful in some cases. So let’s look … Read more


Aging is something that we all have to face in our lives. It’s a natural process and there’s nothing we can do to stop it from happening. So we might as well accept it and learn how to look after ourselves in order to make the best of it. Here are some natural remedies that … Read more


Alcoholism has caused many problems for families and individuals and, while it may not be possible to get this condition out of a person completely, there are definitely natural remedies that can help to keep this condition under control. An alcoholic cannot drink in moderation or cut down on their drinking. The only way is … Read more


Alzheimer’s also sometimes referred to in slang as “Old Timers”, since it happens to the elderly, is the most common form of dementia. It is quite common and expected to grow in incidence. Alzheimer’s is a progressive disease. Forgetfulness is usually the most common initial symptom. People in the initial stage of this disease being … Read more


Amnesia is a condition in which someone either partially or completely loses their ability to remember things. In some cases this is a temporary situation. In more severe cases it is permanent. There are different types of amnesia. Some types of amnesia are caused by old age and others by traumatic events or physical damage … Read more