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Amnesia is a condition in which someone either partially or completely loses their ability to remember things. In some cases this is a temporary situation. In more severe cases it is permanent. There are different types of amnesia. Some types of amnesia are caused by old age and others by traumatic events or physical damage to the brain.

Amnesia has also been linked to prolonged usage of heavy sedation drugs. Often circulatory disorders which result in the poor supply of blood to the brain cells is considered to be one of the major factors for causing memory loss as well.

The remedies that exist to help with this condition do so by inducing alertness in the mind and stabilizing the central nervous system.

Here are some remedies and tips to help deal with this condition:

1. Rosemary – this can be taken in the form of a tea. Rosemary is sometimes referred to as the “Herb of Remembrance”. People use this both for memory loss and mental fatigue.

2. Basil – this is another herb that can be taken in tea form.

3. Brahmi – Another herb that can be drank as a tea or you can purchase this in supplement form.

4. Meditation and Relaxation Therapies – have also proven helpful for amnesia

5. Logging Daily Activities – this is a simple method of writing down everything you do in a day that assists with amnesia by helping to stimulate the brain

6. Almonds – There is a technique of soaking 10-12 almonds overnight in water and then the following morning you peel off the brown outer coating, crush the almonds and mix them with butter to make a paste which you then eat. You could also inhale almond oil. Almond has brain strengthening qualities.

7. Sage – Yet another herb that a tea can be made with. The benefit of sage is that it strengthens the ability to concentrate .

8. Proper Sleep – Making sure to get adequate sleep is vital to a proper functioning brain so 8 hours every night is key. If you have problems getting to sleep or staying asleep try taking some Melatonin to assist you.

9. Fruits – Phosphorous-rich fruits and foods are helpful for this condition. Examples are dates, figs, oranges and grapes. Apples are also beneficial for amnesia.

10. MemoRise™ – Supports brain health and memory functioning for help with the common forgetfulness associated with aging.

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So there you have 10 remedies or tips for treating your amnesia. Remember that not every remedy works for every situation as everyone’s makeup is different. You may have to do trial and error to find what works best in your situation.

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