About Me

Welcome to Herbs and Health. I am so glad you stopped by and hope that you will bookmark this site and come back often to participate in our community.

One of my passions in life is alternative, natural therapies for conditions that affect both humans and our pets. I believe that there are natural healing remedies for everything that affects us, whether physically, mentally or spiritually and I follow these in an ongoing effort to stay away from toxins and live a healthy lifestyle as we were intended to do by our maker. I created this website to help spread the word to others that there are natural alternatives to toxic prescription drugs and conventional medical treatments.

My quest for knowledge about natural alternatives to traditional medicine (aka Allopathic medicine) began in October 2006 when my husband of 28 years was diagnosed with metastatic colon cancer which had already spread to his lungs, liver and bones. This was Stage 4 and we only just found out about it! Scary, to say the least.

At our first meeting with his Oncologist I asked the BIG question….can you cure him or are you just hoping to extend his life.

Unfortunately his words to me were ” the latter”.

Needless to say my heart sank. However, I have always been the type to look for the positive side of things so I told my husband…never mind what he says, he is only a man with limited knowledge, and only knows about traditional or conventional medicine…and I will try my best to find us a cure using natural therapies…my quest began.

I basically gave up my career, became a full time nurse to my husband and a dedicated natural therapy researcher. I cannot believe how much I have learned in such a short space of time. Which is not to say that I know it all, by any means.

I will NEVER give up this quest as I do believe that for everything that ails us there is a God-given natural healing remedy right here on this precious Earth.

I welcome you to my site and hope that you will join the community that it is becoming.  You are welcome (encouraged, actually) to add your comments and feedback and remedies to help all who are part of our community to help one another.

To Your Optimal Health,