Alcoholism implies the tendency to consume alcohol addictively ...

Alcoholism has caused many problems for families and individuals and, while it may not be possible to get this condition out of a person completely, there are definitely natural remedies that can help to keep this condition under control.

An alcoholic cannot drink in moderation or cut down on their drinking. The only way is for them to stop completely so this is what we are going to focus on here.

Be aware that relapses are quite common and do not necessarily mean that the person is a failure or cannot ever recover from alcohol dependence. So if you or someone you care for has experienced a relapse, don’t worry and don’t give up.

One way to think if it is that you / they are “going to start to quit again”.

The Cycle of Alcoholism and Addiction

Here are some options for treating Alcoholism:

1. Alcoholics Anonymous – Probably everyone has heard of this organization that has helped millions of alcoholics. Group support can be very beneficial. Some swear that this is the only way they could have quit alcohol. Excellent free service that is available everywhere.

2.” Drumming out Drugs” – You may not have heard about this type of program but it is used in various prisons, community centers, addiction workshops and training programs, and in well-known rehabilitation programs. Ask your local community center about this.

3. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)– this includes acupressure, Qi-Gong, Tai-Chi, herbal medicine, acupuncture and many other techniques. TCM addresses the mind, spirit and body and is one of the oldest forms of holistic medicine which views the body as a whole rather than dealing with symptoms.

4. Milk Thistle – this is a herb that has proven effective in promoting liver health. This does not go to say that Milk Thistle will help you treat your alcoholism but it can reverse some of the damage done to your liver by alcohol.

5. Detoxification – A whole body detox would be a good start as you begin your quest to give up alcohol.

An excellent way to detox your body is to go on a juice diet for 2 weeks. By this I do not mean store bought bottled juice, but juice that you squeeze yourself at home.

You can make fruit and vegetable juices to get all the nutrients that your body needs. You can find many recipes online or usually when you buy a juicer you will get some recipes with it. Apart from detoxifying your body you will get a tremendous boost in how you feel physically as the nutrients you get from doing this will help your body regenerate from the damage caused by your abuse of alcohol.

6. Diet – fresh fruits and juices and fresh vegetables also help your body in the detoxification process. Apples apparently help to reduce alcohol cravings.

7. Exercise – exercise assists in getting toxins out of your body and also gives you something positive to focus on. Choose an exercise you enjoy so that you stick with it. Even a walk in a park can do wonders.

8. Vitamin B Complex – helps restores nutrients that your body has lost from your consumption of alcohol.

Excessive consumption of alcohol can be very detrimental to your liver, digestive system and eventually your entire body. In some cases it has lead to death so it is not something to be taken lightly at all.

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