Allergies and Stress

Allergies in Children

Today I would like to talk about a topic that is not much written about, but is very important when talking about allergies.

It is stress.

Did you know that stress can affect allergies?

Did you know that stress can cause hives to appear ?

Both stress and allergies can cause hives to appear.

Facing a dreaded situation or feeling extreme amounts of pressure can encourage them to show up in a matter of minutes.

Stress is the body*s response to conflicts or situations, both internal and external , that disturb or interfere with the normal balance in our lives.

Virtually all of the body*s systems, including the digestive system, cardiovascular system, nervous system and immune system, make adjustments in response to stress.

When we*re feeling anxious or stressed, our bodies release numerous hormones and other chemicals, including histamine.

Histamine is a powerful chemical that causes blood vessels to dilate (expand), which can lead to symptoms affecting the respiratory system, skin or cardiovascular system.

Similarly,allergies cause histamine to be released in response to an allergen, a substance that causes an allergic reaction.

Evidence shows that stress can make an existing reaction worse by increasing the level of histamine in the bloodstream, and that stress can trigger reactions to allergens.

Did you know that your skin often responds to events in your life ?

When you experience stress, the pressure and anxiety you feel often shows on the exterior.

Stress and Allergies | SERMO


One little known reaction to stress is itching. Histamines are released when a person is feeling anxiety.

Within seconds after these histamines are released into the skin, the overly-stressed individual may find herself scratching any part of her body.

Irritating skin problems don*t have to be with you forever.

They can be defeated by de-stressing your life, and by taking the healing herbs that are detailed in my ebook How to blast your allergies away forever ! .

Wishing you the best of health always,