When should you do cardio? Please follow for more great content!! – This is a q…


When should you do cardio? Please follow  for more great content!!
This is a q…

?When should you do cardio?? Please follow @bodybuilding.tricks for more great content!!??

This is a question I get asked quite a bit ➡️ “when should I do cardio? Before or after weights?”. Now, unless you’re a marathon runner and the goal is to build cardiovascular endurance, 9/10 times, the answer is always either after strength training or on a seperate day. The reason for this is because for most people, the goal is to build strength, muscle mass, overall fitness, and be lean in which case, I like to prioritize strength training. You have to tackle your strength training head on with intensity to create enough of a stimulus to force growth and gain. If you do cardio beforehand (aside from a cardiovascular warm-up which is different and I strongly encourage you to warm up properly), you unfortunately are taxing yourself and using a lot of that stored glycogen that needs to be used for your strength training. If you’re goal is to do 5×5 today for deadlifts, doing that after a cardio session, especially a HIIT session, will definitely be a struggle especially if the goal was to lift heavier than last session. To be honest, the ideal situation is to do cardio on different/opposing days to strength training. With that being said, another thing you could do, depending on the cardio, is lower intensity cardio in the morning (e.g. a fasted walk) and then strength training in the evening after you’ve fed your body throughout the day. When do you do cardio? Let me know in the comments below and tag a friend that should see this.
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