When should you do cardio by ⠀ This question still gets asked all the time when…


When should you do cardio by @michaeluptonpt⠀

This question still gets asked all the time when should I do cardio? So here’s a little repost I did at the beginning of the year.⠀

Firstly, cardio can be in any form. Not just jumping on a treadmill for 20 minutes, it could be boxing for 1hr it could be going for a walk with the dog, it could be running around like a dickhead at F45 For 45 minutes.⠀

Either way cardio is cardio in my eyes it all is dependant on your goal.⠀

The general rule I give to people is prioritise it around you specific goal.⠀

If your goal is to run a marathon or some type of endurance competition, then cardio may be a priority on a given day.⠀

Likewise, if your goal is to get strong and increase your muscle mass then strength training is your priority and use cardio as a supplement for recovery.⠀

If you are wondering when is it the best time to burn fat neither. Focus should be around creating a negative energy balance (calorie deficit) whether you do it before or after strength training it won’t matter if you’re in an energy surplus. You won’t lose fat. It just compliments the calorie deficit you are trying to create.⠀

Overall cardio is very important for your cardiovascular system, overall health and can help with recovery via the EPOC effect ;). So do it whenever you feel happiest doing it. Just don’t think cardio is magic, like anything prioritise everything towards your goal so you give yourself as much chance of reaching that goal you can.⠀

As always please comment below ??with any questions or hit me up in the DMs.⠀
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