Sperm Leakage (EDA in Yoruba) And o 9nternal heat A woman says that after meeti…


Sperm Leakage (EDA in Yoruba) And o
9nternal heat A woman says that after meeting with her husband, they discover Emissions from her body smears his. And after it’s all over everything flows out .She has tried many things possible to prevent it, from not getting up immediately and shoring her body with a pillow yet all attempts failed.
When the vaginal is infected, a number of things may happen.When a woman experiences vaginal itch, internal heat or discharge, the odds are that she has an infection in that region. Quite naturally, her body would respond to this infection by producing thick mucus to trap the offending germs and kill them before they enter the cervix or the uterus. Bacteria or viruses causing the infection may attack and even kill the sperm or sent out through leakages,

In respect of men, watery sperm hardly go far before they are killed or rejected and expelled. The woman body naturally produces antibodies to overcome foreign cells. Although intended for the vagina, sperm cells are nevertheless foreignCells

internal Heat in the pelvic region, where many of the reproductive organs are located, may have to do with inflammation, which may have to do with irritation or infection(s). that is why a doctor may query a PID (Pelvic Inflammatory Disease ) in this condition.

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