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Great post by @marcinevin regarding cardio, and whether or not it’s necessary for your goals. Here’s what she had to say 👇🏼

Hear me out. This post is NOT hating on cardio.⁣

While there were many years that I was the quintessential cardio bunny, spending the majority of my time on the step mill or treadmill, there was also a time not too long ago where I swore off cardio completely, believing it would make me lose all of my hard earned muscle.⁣

These days, my stance is a little more neutral.⁣

I definitely believe moderate amounts of cardio has it’s place in a well rounded exercise program. It’s good for your heart (v important), can help with recovery, and many people like the way it makes them feel.

BUT. And this is a very strong but…If your goal is to improve the look of your physique, it isn’t the most useful tool. Think of it more as the icing on the cake. Something you add in either because you 1) legit like to do it, or 2) You want to burn more calories without having to eat less food.⁣

If your main goal is to have a lean, toned physique, you’d be far better off prioritizing the following:⁣

💫Eating in a calorie deficit to burn most of your body fat. ⁣
💫Strength training to help build or maintain your muscle and create the sexy silhouette.⁣
💫Prioritizing protein for muscle building/maintenance and keeping you full.⁣
💫Burning more calories by walking more and increasing your non exercise activity. ⁣
💫Being consistent and staying patient

Fat loss doesn’t happen overnight. And the more you try to cardio your way there, the worse off you will likely be.⁣

A few other cardio considerations…⁣

It’s time consuming! Most of the clients I work with don’t have extra hours in the day to devote to exercise. They need the minimal effective dose that will get them results in the least amount of time. And you do that by strength training and eating fewer calories.⁣

Over doing it can increase hunger, decrease thyroid hormone, make you lose muscle, and lead to overuse injuries. Not g


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