For fat loss should you do Cardio? Strength training? Both? .Please follow fo…


For fat loss should you do Cardio? Strength training? Both??

Please follow @bodybuilding.tricks for more great content!!?? People focus so much on which burns more calories but this isn’t even the important part. When you focus solely on calories, you’re still focusing on losing weight vs losing fat.

Calorie/energy balance is about weight loss — not fat loss.

The true benefit to strength training is how it forces your body to DISTRIBUTE that energy. A good lift puts your body into a state where it knows it needs to send nutrients to the muscles.

Think of it this way:

When you lift weights or aim to get stronger while you’re in a calorie deficit — however you create that deficit — you’re essentially telling your body:

“Hey, um, I know you need energy because you’re not getting enough from food, but we’re doing these deadlifts and trying to do chin ups, so you’re gonna have to take fat for energy because I clearly need the muscle.”

Without any fancy words, that is basically what’s happening. Weight training and protein signals to your body the muscle has to stay. Your body isn’t dumb, it does what it needs to do to support your body’s environment and needs.

But if all you do is cardio your body will eventually decide that muscle can go along with the fat.

And if that happens, you aren’t getting leaner — just smaller.

And that’s not what you signed up for right?

So no, I don’t have a problem with cardio. I just have science and a simple way to explain that cardio alone isn’t gonna help get you get lean.

By all means, you can do just cardio and lose fat — but eventually it’ll come with losing muscle. And if you just like cardio? Go for it.
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