5 Appendicitis Symptoms That Signal You Need to Go to the ER ...

The appendix is a small piece of tissue, in the form of a tube-shaped sac that is attached to the lower end of the large intestine. Inflammation of the appendix can affect both males and females equally. This disease is most prevalent among people between the ages on 10 and 30 and accounts for the majority of acute abdominal emergencies that people suffer from.

Appendicitis is caused by the body’s defense system acting against bacteria that have formed as a result of a blockage. This action causes the inflammation or swelling of the appendix. If not attended to, the appendix can burst, releasing toxins into the body causing serious problems and even death.

Some of the symptoms of appendicitis are fever, abdominal pain that usually starts out in the middle of your abdomen and then gradually moves down to the lower right side, indigestion and diarrhea or constipation. Some suffer with nausea and vomit as well. Some have a loss of appetite. Abdominal swelling or bloating are also symptomatic of appendicitis.

Acute appendicitis is treated by surgery to remove the appendix. Most people treated for appendicitis recover perfectly and rarely need to make any changes in their diet, exercise, or lifestyle.

Here are some natural remedies for appendicitis;

1. Green Gram – helps to relieve the pain as well as to treat the infection. It is suggested that you take 1 tablespoon 3 times per day. Check with your local health food store.

2. Vegetable Juices – Particularly beet, cucumber and carrot juices have been shown to help with appendicitis and are a perfect home remedy for appendicitis. These 3 vegetables can also be combined into one juice as a natural remedy for appendicitis.

3. Buttermilk – buttermilk has also been helpful in treating appendicitis naturally.

4. Enema – When the first symptoms of appendicitis occur your should get to bed for some rest. If you are able to tolerate it a shallow/low enema with warm water should be given daily to help with waste elimination. After the major symptoms have subsided it is advisable to get a warm water enema to help your intestinal/digestive system to get rid of any remaining toxins.

The idea with these remedies is to relieve the inflammation and help the body to eliminate the waste that has accumulated in the body. There are many other natural remedies for appendicitis but you first must make sure that yours is not a chronic case that requires immediate removal of the appendix.

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