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?Weight Loss Around The World ?⠀⁣⠀

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Instagram is wild – this week I’ve seen 4 pages promoting “the diet”. Apparently because people live in different areas of the world and have different macro ratios, they lose weight more easily. ⠀
Yes, people around the world have different diets. Yes, different countries have different rates of overweight/obese inhabitants. That is not down to the types of food they eat – but the quantity.⠀⁣⠀

The quantity of the food you eat and your overall caloric intake vs your calorie expenditure is what determines your weight. Does the type of food you eat make it easier to overeat? Sure, fatty foods are more satiety so you’ll feel full quicker, but they also provide less in terms of food volume. It’s all about energy balance – and that can be achieved regardless of how your diet is made up.⠀

It is human nature to use the resources we have available, it’s how we’ve survived as a species. Do people along the Mediterranean eat a diet rich in seafood because of “fat melting healthy fats and oils”? No, they eat a lot of fish because they have a lot of fish. A culture’s typical diet is largely based on the foods they have most readily available.⠀⁣⠀
Protein is good. Carbs are good. Fats are good. Enjoy them all. Eat in a deficit and you will lose weight. Eat them in a surplus and you’ll gain weight – regardless of where you are in the world – so long as you do so consistently. ⠀

To follow a diet consistently, it has to be sustainable. If you live in a land locked country for example, getting “fresh organic fish” all year round, as prescribed by your diet, could be expensive, making the diet unsustainable. So be sensible, and stop looking for the “big secret” to weight loss and focus on the fundamentals.⠀
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