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Please follow @bodybuilding.tricks for more great content!!?? Monica’s new friends Shirley and Janet are determined to stick to their self prescribed outlawing of so called junk food in an attempt to lose fat. And Monica’s interest in their progress is impassioned to the point that she has set up secret cameras following their every move.⁣

Earlier at the office, Shirley consumes her afternoon snack of almonds and dried mango in belief that she has made a positive choice for her goal. ⁣

Meanwhile, without thought, Janet decides to consume 2 party ring biscuits (because it’s a colleagues birthday). She immediately realises her carelessness and consumes two more as self-punishment for forfeiting her anti-junk food promise. ⁣

Then, on this sticky August evening, Janet, irritated by her party ring faux pas, is driving home. At a set of traffic lights she sees a McDonald’s emerge in the distance. Full of self loathing, Janet unleashes the wrath of her 1.2L 8v Citroen Saxo and barbarously ‘throttles the fucker to the golden arches of hell.’ She orders a Big Mac and consumes it ferociously. In her mind she has now well and truly ravaged her anti-junk food diet. So naturally, she decides to purchase and horse down a Milky Way. And then another. ⁣

All the while Shirley meditates to Tom Jones in deep satisfaction about her ‘good’ afternoon snack. Janet contrastingly, sits at her kitchen table staring into the torturous abyss that is a glass of celery juice, in full belief that she endured a calamitous day nutritionally. ⁣

Monica’s new found education in nutrition draws conclusions that consumption of nutrients are beneficial for long term health. But that calorie balance directly determines one’s body composition. With this in mind, she takes a deep breath and opens the what’s app dialogue with Shirley and Janet. ⁣

After the initial 42 second ‘online’ passive aggressive hiatus of rage at being subject to soft core voyeurism, Monica is able to explain that despite her friends contrasting emotions, that they made the exact same fat loss progress today. ?⁣
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