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?? Miss a workout? ??

Please follow @bodybuilding.tricks for more great content!!?? If you miss a workout you’ll never reach your goals. Wait, ya that’s ridiculous.

Sometimes life gets in the way. –

And sometimes you need rest and it’s simply better to take an unplanned day off.

There’s a difference between being lazy and taking care of yourself.

Skipping workouts shouldn’t be about slacking off, rather giving your mind and body the break it needs.

Now, what happens when you do miss workouts? And how long does it take for not training to have a negative effect on your performance and physique?

Well the simple answer is about 2 weeks [1]. –

According to a study from the journal of applied physiology, after two weeks of rest significant losses of muscle, endurance, and insulin sensitivity occur.

So if you miss one or two workouts guess what? Absolutely nothing happens.

How about a week?

Whether it’s vacation, a business trip, or a stressful week, a lot of times there are weeks where the gym is simply not a priority.

That’s super OK.

Taking a few weeks off a year can be exactly what you need to stay enthusiastic about your training.

Just keep in mind during this week less glycogen, and therefore water will be in your muscles.

You may look and feel a little smaller and weaker than before, but after a workout or two all will return to normal. So don’t sweat it.

So, keep perspective. Don’t be lazy, but know it’s OK to take care of yourself. ?

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