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While there are no foods that specifically cause you to burn fat, there are better options that will make losing fat easier. All of these options have at least one of the following qualities: they’re low calorie, filling, convenient, and/ or high in protein.

To lose fat, eating in a caloric deficit is necessary which is why low calorie foods are beneficial. However, when you’re eating in a caloric deficit, hunger usually becomes an issue. That’s why selecting foods that are more filling is helpful. High protein foods are typically more filling. Additionally, one of the biggest struggles people have when dieting is eating crappy on the go when they’re hungry and don’t have any food with them. That’s where convenience is key. A low calorie protein bar is a better option than going to the McDonald’s drive thru.

Like I said, none of these are “magic fat burning foods.” Instead, they’re helpful to include in your diet since they have qualities that will make losing fat easier. And of course, you’re allowed to stray from your diet from time to time ??.

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