Does your back ache when you drive and/or sit TRY THIS . TAG-SAVE-SHARE with so…


Does your back ache when you drive and/or sit⁉️ TRY THIS‼ ?️??️
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Why does lower back pain occur? In simple terms..When in a sitting position and your lower back is in a rounded position the ligaments of your spine will be in a lengthened position.(demonstrated by picture on the right) When lengthened for two long PAIN SIGNALS will begin to fire towards the brain ?

There are two solutions:

1: make a permanent change and consciously be aware of maintaining the curvature of your low back by engaging your core. Conscious will lead to subconcious ✨

2. Roll a towel(1 or 2) and place it behind your back to maintain the curvature of your lower back.

?Credit: @gainstutorial
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