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?The cheat meal mentality is probably the most destructive mentality you can adopt when it comes to your nutrition. And by most destructive. I mean, you’re literally risking destroying your entire week’s worth of effort in one or two days.

Yes, that’s really possible.

Just check the “what most people do” part of this graph. As you can see, a week worth of strict dieting is literally overthrown by counterproductive behavior during the weekend. Yup, you just read that. Counterproductive behavior. Eating well during the weekdays and going out and eating whatever you can get your hands on one or two days in the weekend is ridiculous and does more harm than good.

Instead of doing something ridiculous like that. You should learn to incorporate foods you like into your weekly diet. You see the difference between the first and the second week in this graph? You get to eat the foods you like during the week and are still able to lose fat whilst doing it.

This is THE BEST way to go about things. Having cheat meals that you don’t track and just eat whatever you can get your hands on, does more harm than good. Trust me. I’ve been there. It doesn’t make sense. You could outright destroy your deficit for the week..

If you feel the need to “cheat” on your diet. Get a new diet. Because it doesn’t make sense and leads to counterproductive behaviour on the weekends.

Yes, I hate the “cheat meal” mentality and I think it’s clear how you should go about things now you’ve read this 🙂 Learn to eat properly instead of diet to cheat. That’s outright dumb and counterproductive..

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