ABSENT MENSTRUATION (AMENORRHEA) Amenorrhoea is the absence of normal menstruat…


Amenorrhoea is the absence of normal menstruation in a woman of reproductive age. It can be primary – meaning that a cycle never started. Or it can be secondary – meaning that the woman has previously experienced a menstrual cycle, but for some reason it has stopped.

What can cause secondary amenorrhoea and what can this cause?

Secondary amenorrhoea is diagnosed after 3 absent cycle in a previously regular woman, or longer in a woman with previously irregular cycle. Assuming the cause of a stopped cycle is not due to a pregnancy, some reasons include:

Drug interaction

Eating disorders


Over exercising

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) Many women with PCOS have irregular menstrual cycles. This common syndrome is a leading cause of infrequent periods and is known to cause amenorrhoea. This can cause the infertility woman often struggle with.

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