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In my opinion I believe that most individuals think there’s only a few aspects to the muscle but in reality there’s a lot more than meets the eye about lean muscle mass, please read what my good friend Rob has to say down below.

“So we want our muscles to get bigger, right? (Sure, some of you don’t but this is still good info to have ?)
In order to make them bigger, knowing what they are actually made of is super important. Im not talking about the cell structures here, I mean the real basic building blocks. I’ll save the more specific stuff for another post ?
Water makes up 75% of lean muscle tissue. Makes sense because water is the majority of the rest of our body too. So maybe getting that 3-4 litres in a day isn’t such a bad idea after all ?
After that we have protein. 18 % is very significant. You’ve got to make sure you’re getting enough in your diet to satisfy the cellular demands
Rounding out the rest, we have fat, vitamins, minerals and some carbs, which all play their part in maintaining healthy muscle tissue.”

Hope that helps!

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