Vitamin D. . .A lack of vitamin D in children causes rickets; in adults, it …


Vitamin D.

A lack of vitamin D in children causes rickets; in adults, it causes osteomalacia. Both bone diseases are now rare, but another is on the rise — osteoporosis, the “thin bone” disease that leads to fractures and spinal deformities.

Vitamin D deficiencies were rare when most African men when they rolled up their sleeves to work in sunny fields. But as work shifted from farms to offices, that changed. Because pigmentation can reduce vitamin D production, Africna populations are at particular risk. A single UV radiation to light skin will release 20,000 IU of Vit.D in 24hrs, but will take 10x longer in an African skin. The melanin protects africans from sunburn it also hinders it absorption of Vitamin D, with this it will take longer for Africans to absorb more from the UV.

Vit.D deficiencies are also common in patients with intestinal disorders,Colorectal cancer,Parkinson disease, those with kidney or liver diseases and *Aggresive prostate cancer*. In addition, certain medications reduce the availability or activity of vitamin D. And even in healthy people, advancing age is linked to an increased risk of vitamin D deficiency.

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