Uterine fibroid is common in our environment. The main-stay of management of ute…


Uterine fibroid is common in our environment. The main-stay of management of uterine fibroid in conventional medicine is surgery which is associated with post-operative complications. The surgical options used in the management of uterine fibroids are hysterectomy and myomectomy.
In Nigeria the severity of the complication of fibroid surgery is alarming, in some cases leads to death……….. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) , the liver is the organ similar to an army general due to its stern character and is responsible for storing of blood and regulation of essential substances.The primary function of the liver is to regulate the movement of ā€˜qiā€™(life force or Energy) within the body. This regulatory function is essential for the physiological actions of all organ systems, ensuring proper functioning of the body. One of the important role of the liver is the storing of blood as well as regulate blood volume in the body. During rest, blood requirement in organs and structures is less and excess blood is channeled to the liver for storage.

Females depend heavily on the supply and circulation of blood in circumstances such as menstruation, pregnancy, labour and even breastfeeding throughout their life cycle. When Uterine fibroid is present, it also takes it “qi” (Energy) and blood from the liver. The regulatory role of the liver ensures that blood is directed to the uterus to support these physiological activities. Notably,When there is activity, demand for blood increases in the uterus the liver transports blood to the Fibroid tissue to meet it needs. After the Surgery the “qi” (Energy) and blood in the liver is deficient and organs fail to receive adequate nourishment which can result in symptoms such as giddiness, weakness in limbs, insomnia, and sometimes death if not properly taken care of. Hepato-protective herbs are adviced to be taken before and after Surgical procedures to give more “qi” to the liver, this helps prevent severe complications or even death.

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