TONSILLITIS (BELU BELU in Yoruba)Each day we eat a lot of food. 100% of the fo…



Each day we eat a lot of food. 100% of the food doesn’t go into the stomach. Some particles of food get stuck in the teeth, tongue, tonsils and other parts of your mouth. We brush everyday and remove those particles stuck on teeth and tongue.

The small white spots you can see on your tonsils at the back of the throat are called tonsil stones, and are responsible for a variety of oral problems including bad breath. Tonsil stones develop due to accumulation of bacteria, mucus, skin cells and food deposits in the tonsil holes. They are usually yellow or white in color and have a squishy texture. Tonsil stones can lead to throat infections, , bad breath, difficulty swallowing and few other oral problems. Do you have concerns about your health? WhatsApp or DM @herbsandtibb.

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