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by @grantgirsky

So many people get caught up in either being all in, or completely all out when it comes to their nutrition.

They are either eating 100% on point, sticking to their plan exactly…

…Or they are on the other end of the spectrum, eating whatever they want, with no plan whatsoever.

This type of yo-yo dieting is a recipe for disaster.

If you throw in the towel every time you stray from the rigid plan you’ve set for yourself…

You will CONSTANTLY spin your wheels.

Life is going to happen.

You will have trips, get-togethers, holidays, etc that are going to throw a wrench in your plans, especially if you have no flexibility built in.

Let me teach you a different approach, one that can allow a little bit of wiggle-room…

This graphic is a representation of what your week could look like if you give yourself that small bit of flexibility.

The 80/20 rule essentially says that if you are eating healthy, nutrient-dense foods for 80% of the time, then it’s totally fine to allow the other 20% of your diet to be made up of not so healthy foods (like pizza, ice cream, donuts, etc) that you enjoy eating.

I’m a fan of this approach because it give you the opportunity to enjoy foods & life situations in moderation, while still sticking to your overall diet. For many, this will help make your approach to nutrition more sustainable, therefore helping you see success in the long-term.

Remember, hitting 80% each week is going to be so much more beneficial to your goals than bouncing back and forth and hitting just 50%.

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