SHE BEAT Ovarian cancer (know as the SILENT KILLER)Hi I am and I was diagnose…


SHE BEAT Ovarian cancer (know as the SILENT KILLER)

Hi I am @cheymarie_fit and I was diagnosed at Stage 3 and unfortunately it ended up in my spleen and lymph nodes making the new diagnoses Stage 4B…the last stage.

Looking back, I HAD EVERY SINGLE SYMPTOM of ovarian cancer and I had no idea!?

I am extremely blessed and thankful that God placed me in the hands of my doctors and we were able to catch it when we did because in November I will be celebrating 1 year of no evidence of disease! ?? There is a TON of miss-information about ovarian cancer and testing!

THERE IS NO TESTING FOR OVARIAN CANCER! A yearly pap CAN NOT detect ovarian cancer! A vaginal ultra sound CAN NOT detect ovarian cancer but can show signs of a mass. A CT/MRI scan can show signs of cancer but CAN NOT determine if it is OVCA! The only way to 100% determine if it is ovarian cancer is by a BIOPSY and that’s it! The CA125 tumor marker level is the way the doctors monitor ovarian cancer once it has already been confirmed that it is OVCA and even then, it’s not always correct!?

The most common signs and symptoms of OVCA are:
– Bloating
– Frequent urination or the need to go, a lot!
– Feeling full quickly
– Abdominal pain or lower back pain

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