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“All disease begins in the gut.” -Hippocrates⠀

Our GI tract is one of the primary battle grounds between our body and the Standard American Diet.⠀

It is one in which our bodies need ourselves to come to our own aid. ⠀

The average person in the West has up to 10, 20, 30+ pounds of indigested-putrefying food matter in their gut at any given time. ⠀

We’ve all heard the stories of Elvis and John Wayne with their 50 and 70lb constipated colons…they are not the exceptions, they were just famous. ⠀

Chronic constipation and ‘slugged’ GI tracts plague us all from the unnatural foods we’ve consumed and failed to fully eliminate for so long. ⠀

However, hope is never lost and you can always take corrective action in the positive direction. ⠀

The simplest action being to just implement more whole plant food into your diet. ⠀

There are a ton of colon cleanse products, amazing herbs, and funky protocols to stir up the gunk but honestly those things aren’t needed initially and should be used with caution. ⠀

Detox is a slow and steady process. Shaking up decades of hardened fecal toxins in a crash weekend colon cleanse is not an equal energy exchange. ⠀

Remember, it takes time to become dis-eased thus it will take time to restore balance. ⠀

Quick gimmicks are business strategies not real health advice. ⠀

Want to cleanse? Eat more plants…as whole and raw as you can. ⠀

Your body is the master cleanser and will do so when given the proper environment. ⠀

A month alkaline plant-based. A week or two raw. A few days on fruit. Liquids and fruit for breakfast/lunch. A big salad every night. Whole, plant-based meals. ⠀

The purging will begin on its own at the speed in which your body finds it natural to handle. ⠀ ⠀
Respect your vitality and go on this journey at your own pace. ⠀

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