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They’re a great source of many nutrients, particularly potassium, magnesium, and B6. But really, I eat them bc they’re sooo delicious, convenient, and cheap! ❤️. We eat them almost every single day
?Did you ever wonder what happens as they change in color? If so, here you go!
green —> yellow —> brown
as the ?ripens:
✅resistant starch content decreases
✅tastes sweeter – resistant starch turns into sugar
✅gets digested easier and quicker (causing a spike in the blood sugar)
✅some of the micronutrient levels decrease – happens with all produce to some degree once harvested
✅antioxidant levels increase
For babies and toddlers, really green #bananas may be too hard on their little tummies and can cause or make pre-existing constipation worse
they are a great source of #prebiotics though (check out my previous post). I purchase unripe banana and start offering it to Caleb when it is predominately yellow with a slight hint of green (as pictured). Yellow ones disappear ever so quickly around here, and the brown ones get used for baking ?
⏰if you want to speed up the ripening process, place in a brown paper bag. if you want to slow it down then place in the refrigerator. The peel will turn brown but the inner flesh will be just fine
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