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Here’s two tasty protein shakes that will help you according to your goals. The ‘bulking’ shake is designed for individuals who are looking to enter a muscle-building phase. When you are bulking, you are aiming to eat more calories in order to gain weight. A lot of people out there struggle with gaining weight, so in order to reach their goals, having a more calorically dense shake will help them reach their calorie goals.⁣

The ‘cutting’ shake is designed for individuals who are looking to lose fat and retain their muscle. In order to do so, they will need to be in a calorie deficit and keep their protein high. This shake will help keep you full, provide your body with nutrients with the fruit, and will help you stay within your calorie deficit.⁣

These protein shakes are super simple to make and they are very tasty.⁣

They are also very customizable and can be altered in many ways.⁣

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Whether you’re trying to lose or gain weight it’s important to track both your kcals and your protein. Research suggests at least .82g protein per lb of bodyweight, with higher amounts needed as you get deep into a cut. In terms of weight loss being in a negative energy balance (calorie deficit) is necessary and vice versa for weight gain (calorie surplus).
Try these recipes out and let me know what you think!
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