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Here is a perfect guide of 5 simple and easy high protein snacks that you can take with you anywhere and prepare in little to no time!

PROTEIN SHAKE (~20-25g of Protein)
One of the most well known and easy options! If you’re in a rush just mix a few scoops with water and you’re on your way! I prefer choosing a high quality protein powder that has great mix-ability so I can shake it together easily without dirtying a blender!

BEEF JERKY (12g Protein per oz)
A delicious snack that is easy to take anywhere! At a whopping 12g of protein per oz, this is a great high protein snack on the go!

HARD BOILED EGGS (6g Protein per egg)
At 6g of protein per egg, hard boiled eggs are a great option to throw in some Tupperware and take with you to the office. Add salt or pepper for some extra flavor!

EDAMAME (18g Protein per 50g serving)
A highly underrated, and high protein snack right here. I know the soy police are going to come out now, “You’re estrogen is going to go up bro!” The truth is getting some, and I mean a little in the grand scheme of things of your protein of soy is going to have little to no impact on your estrogen levels. So enjoy these tasty bad boys!

STRING CHEESE (7g of protein per stick)
At a 7g of protein per stick and only 80 calories, these are a great on the go option! Also one of my personal favorites!

What is your favorite high protein snack to take on the road? Comment below!

Credit to @fastandswole for the graphic.

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