PRE-WORKOUT FOODS⠀ ⠀ Hey guys here are some my favourite foods that I will eat b…



Hey guys here are some my favourite foods that I will eat before I workout.⠀

Fuelling my body with proper nutrition before working out will allow me to train harder and make the most of my workout.⠀

While we all have different nutritional requirements, these known foods which have the perfect balance of fats, carbs and protein – they can stave off hunger, fuel your body, fight fatigue and even aid recovery. ⠀
At the moment I am training and focusing on building muscle ? so here are some of my favourite pre-workout foods. ⠀
Yoghurt ?+ Fruits.⠀

The fruit is full of carbohydrates while greek yogurt packs a protein-filled punch and sliced almonds as they are a great source of fat + protein. ⠀
Oats?. Oats are full of fibre they will release carbohydrates gradually.⠀
Due to this slow release, energy levels are kept consistent throughout your workout, meaning you can train harder for longer. ⠀
Whole grain bread ? + peanut butter + bananas.⠀

Whole grain bread and banana are an excellent source of carbs. Peanut butter good source of fat. ⠀
Bananas ? .⠀

Known as nature’s power bar, bananas are packed with carbohydrates and potassium, which supports nerve and muscle function. ⠀
Trail Mix ?. Nuts do have a high-fat content, but they provide the protein and calories required if you are trying to gain muscle mass. For those whose goal is weight loss, steer clear. ⠀
Apples ? + Peanut Butter.⠀

The apple provides carbohydrates and the peanut butter provides protein and healthy fats. ⠀
Hope you found this helpful ? and I hope you’re having a great day ?⠀

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