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Please follow @bodybuilding.tricks for more great content!!?? Generally, it is advisable to get some easily digestible carbs and protein in before your workout. You’ll need to experiment with how much of each to eat and how long prior to hitting the gym to eat. I’ve experimented with smaller meals and larger meals as well as eating 30 minutes before the gym and 2 hours before the gym. After trial and error, I personally prefer to eat a relatively small meal about an hour prior to the gym but like I said, I recommend trying different options and seeing which gives you the best workout.

As far as post workout nutrition, as long as you didn’t train fasted, it is not necessary to get your post workout meal in immediately. You can wait up to 2 hours with no adverse effects although in reality, if you can eat your post workout meal sooner rather than later then I would do that rather than purposely wait longer. Similar to the pre-workout meal, you should get in some easily digestible carbs and protein. You can drink a protein shake if you like the convenience. You could also eat a regular meal. The amounts really depend on your current goals (cutting or bulking) and your overall macros for the day.

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