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There are several reasons people put on weight overtime without really realizing it. The modern american diet is a large part of the problem. The reason we gain weight is by consuming more calories than we burn. Or a “calorie surplus”

Most people eat out daily, and often past satiation. You don’t have to finish your food everytime you eat! This is largely a problem because these bad habits were instilled in all of us at an early age. Eating out is okay especially if you are aware of what is actually in food. Most don’t, and a meal at cheesecake factory, or BJ’s can be 1000-1500 calories easy.

Mindless snacking throughout the day while working, or watching TV, Netflix, YouTube etc, can really add up. Especially with things like chips, and candy. If you want to snack try swapping these foods for things like carrots, cucumber, or celery. Pair them with some hummus and that can be an amazing snack, much healthier than digging into the chips.

Try an avoid liquid calories as well. Once and awhile its okay to enjoy a coke, a frappuccino, or a beer. Just don’t make them a part of your daily dieting. Drinking alcohol can also led to those weekend binges, which can completely wipe out a weeks progress if you’re trying to lose weight. I have a good amount of experience with this unfortunately lol.

Lastly, the sedentary lifestyle most live isn’t helping either. If you work a desk job and are sitting most of the day, I would recommend that you stand up and stretch, or walk around the office every 30 minutes or so. You could also look into a standing desk. Standing is much more beneficial than sitting.

Try to be aware of these things and overtime the weight that you may have accumulated over the years will slowly come off. Start slow! Don’t completely revamp your lifestyle all at once. Take small steps like cutting out soda

Credit to @peter_bowman

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