Importance of having a strong complete core Please follow for more great conten…

Importance of having a strong complete core💪💪💯
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Thought I would share a repost on the importance of having a strong core as I am in no shape to be creating content out here in Croatia 🤭

Got inspiration for this post from the man @roballenfitness give him a follow for more tips on fitness and health.

Having a strong complete core is a must for everyday life but why?

Everyone talks about the 6-pack, SURE a 6-pack looks good but is it the core? You can argue it is a part of the core but really it’s only indicating you have a low body fat percentage not a strong core. Doing a thousand crunches will not get your core strong and definitely not a 6-pack the most it will do is tighten your hip flexors. Creating a sustainable calorie deficit is key for those fancy six packs.

The core is where the magic happens and is defined as your transverse abdominis and oblique muscles with several other muscles to stabilise your spine. This is where it is important to have a strong core for everything; lift heavy, sport performance, etc.

Having a strong core helps you with everyday life and majority of the times can be related to back pain or injury, I have listed some exercise at the bottom of graphic for some basic exercises to target these muscles. Please DM me if unsure about them.

Comment below 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻with some core exercises to share with everyone.

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