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It’s all about that calorie deficit, right? But…how do you go about creating that deficit? It can be frustrating trying to reduce your caloric intake!

Fasting in the morning is a great strategy for some as it simply eliminates calories from one meal you’d normally eat.

Filling up half your plate with veggies works well because veggies are very low calorie. So, it’s going to be much harder to overeat with only half of your plate left for the rest of your calories.

Limiting snacking has been proven to help people lose weight through a deficit. Again, you’re simply limiting how many times per day you put food in your mouth. Simple.

One big salad per day will fill you up and almost always be low calorie. Be careful here; if you’re adding bacon, eggs, ranch dressing, croutons, dried fruit to your salad – you just made a calorie bomb (explode!). Be mindful, yo.

Drinking calories is not a great way to spend calories. You won’t be filled up at all, and you can slurp down 400 calories like its nothing. Avoid it at all costs. if you’re drinking a Bell’s Two Hearted, I’ll give you a pass.

The smaller plates tip has been overfed to you guys, I get it. But it works – again proven by research. People tend to fill up their plates. So give ‘em less space.

I hope these tips help you as much as they have helped my clients!

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