Health tips – Which vitamins are you missing ?

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Lack of vitamins causes many kinds of illness and health problems.

* Feeling dull

* Easy to feel tired

* Often get dizzy

* No energy

If you often feel one of the above symptoms, there is a good possibility that the cause is a lack of certain vitamins in your diet.

If you often drink alcohol or if you are a smoker, and in a stressful situation in your work, there is even more possibility to be lacking some vitamins .

Let*s check each vitamin and see what happens when your body is missing them.

Lack of Vitamin A

* Your eyes feel tired.

* Super dry skin.

* Easy to catch a cold.

* Can not see anything for a long time in dark places.

Lack of Vitamin B

* Easy to get irritated.

* Feel sleepy all the time.

* Have Itching.

* No energy and power and can not get quick action.

* Easy to get stomach ache.

* Often get inflamed in your mouth and nose.

* Often get acne on your face.

* Get anemia.

* Often feel tired.

* Increases your gray hair, fallen fairs.

* Often eat oily foods.

* Often eat fast foods, frozen instant foods.

* Often drink soda.

Lack of Vitamin C

* Increasing freckles, blotches .

* Smoking.

* Not eating enough fruits , broccoli, potatoes.

* Easy to get tired.

* Very slow recovery when you get injury or accident to your body.

* Easy to get irritation.

Lack of Vitamin D

* Not eating enough fish .

* Not eating enough mushrooms.

* Not getting enough sun.

* Weak pregnancy, and may abort too early.

* Easy to get cavities, toothaches.

* Pregnancy may deplete levels of vitamin D to a certain extent.

* On a diet.

Lack of Vitamin E

* Easy to get spots and blotches.

* Have Itching.

* Have a cold constitution.

* Easy to get headaches.

* Easy to get stiff shoulder.

* Easy to have chilblains.

* Doing sports, or you are an athlete, depletes vitamin E levels.

* Increasing fallen hairs.

* Often eat meats.