FAT LOSS ON A BUDGET BY ⁣ Many people say that eating healthier is too expen…

? FAT LOSS ON A BUDGET? BY @vatcheshakarian⁣

Many people say that eating healthier is too expensive and they cannot afford to do it.⁣

The same people that say this are also spending $14 dollars for a fruity cocktail at their favorite bar.⁣

But that’s none of my business!⁣

If you take the time to learn how to grocery shop, you will be able to purchase healthy foods and be able to lose fat.⁣

When I started my fat loss journey, people constantly asked me if I was spending more money on food.⁣

They were shocked when I told them that I had been saving more money than ever.⁣

Think about it for a second.⁣

You can go out for lunch or dinner and end up spending 13-15 dollars on a salad with a few pieces of chicken on it.⁣

It’s lettuce, cheese, croutons, and plain chicken breast.⁣

If you buy those at bulk from the grocery store, you can make salads for the entire week!⁣

Quick maths.⁣

There are many grocery stores out there that have very very fair prices. Stores like Trader Joes, Walmart, Aldi, Grocery Outlet, Kroger, H-E-B, Winco are great stores.⁣

If you are trying to save some cash and still want to grocery shop for healthier foods, you can do it. I do it, and you can too.⁣

These stores have a lot of healthy foods for a lot cheaper than health food stores like Whole Foods, for example.⁣

Also, you can look up the weekly ad (this is great when you are looking for deals) of each grocery store on their website.⁣

Take a few minutes out of your day to find out which store is going to have some sales going on, and go to that store.⁣

Go with a plan. Find some carb sources. Find some protein sources. Find a couple fat sources.⁣

Carbohydrate sources that are inexpensive: Rice, Oats, Potatoes, Frozen Veggies, Frozen Fruit⁣

Protein sources that are inexpensive: Chicken Breast, Ground Turkey, Eggs, Tuna, Beans, Lentils⁣

Fat sources that are inexpensive: Eggs, Olive Oil, Peanut Butter, Avocado, Sardines⁣

Tag a friend who wants to lose fat without breaking the bank.


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