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Today I was walking through the grocery store, getting some caffeine, and what I saw literally shocked me. So many people are mindlessly walking through the grocery stores. Mindlessly loading up stuff they don’t really need. If you’re really serious about fat loss, you should go into the grocery store like it’s a military operation. You should have a plan, know what you need AND don’t waiver from the plan. Of course, getting some foods that you like makes adhering to your diet better. But at least 80% of your cart should consist out of these 4 groups.

1️⃣ Proteins.
2️⃣ Complex carbs.
3️⃣ Fruits and vegetables.
4️⃣ Healthy fats.

You don’t really need more. Seriously, keep things simple. Don’t load up on candy and chocolate. Of course having some is possible, but don’t load up on it.

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Have a great day my friends. Don’t forget to not restrict yourself too much and create a real lifestyle that supports your fitness, not one that destroys it. I hope you got the point 🙂

❤️Much love, Dennis

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