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NOTE: The guy on the right is not walking his dog ? He is doing a cable curl ??⁣
The main difference between dumbbells and cables is the resistance curve. Dumbbells will have an inconsistent resistance curve. This is because the line of resistance is with gravity. When you are doing a standing curl, it is hardest in the middle. When you get to the top, there is no tension on the muscle. Cables on the other hand, give constant tension on the muscles because it has a constant resistance curve. It is equally hard on the bottom, top and middle! This way, the muscle is under tension during the entire range of motion. ⁣
Cables have a big advantage over dumbbells when it comes to exercises that use a circular path. This is because the line of resistance is up and down (with gravity) for dumbbells, and this causes an inconsistent resistance curve when moving in a circular path. This means the tension on the muscle is very inconsistent. By using cables you keep the tension consistent. Flyes are a good example that should be done with cables rather than dumbbells. ⁣
Dumbbells will activate more muscles due to stabilisation. When using cables, you don’t have to stabilise as much. It therefore isolates the muscle more than dumbbells do.⁣
Dumbbells allow for a greater range of motion. This will in turn cause a better stretch of the muscle, and potentially more growth. When using cables, the range of motion could be restricted because the cable is in the way. This is however only true for a handful of exercises.⁣
There is a greater risk of injury with dumbbells. This is because you can generally lift heavier and the range of motion is more ‘free’. It is therefore easier to do the exercise incorrectly. ⁣
Both cables and dumbbells build muscle. Use them both!⁣