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?Bulking vs Fat Loss ?⠀

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So this is a question that pops up a lot – “can I eat the same foods for gaining weight that I did for losing weight?” and the answer is – yes.⠀

When it comes to weight loss or gain, the diet can be made up of the exact same foods – it’s just the quantities that change.⠀

Now some people will tell you that to lose weight you need to cut carbs etc. But we’re all intelligent here and understand that calories matter more than carbs. Low carb diets work because they create a deficit. You can easily lose weight eating a high carb diet.⠀

When you’re in a fat loss phase, you will increase the quantity of high volume foods you eat. This leads to increased food volume for less calories – making you full. These will be your veggies.⠀

When you’re in a muscle building phase you’ll want more calorie dense foods, making it easier to get your calorie intake up without feeling stuffed and bloated all the time. These will be your fats and somewhat more processed foods. ⠀

Many of the meals you’re used to and confident in eating can (and should) still be included. They’ll just need some tweaks to suit your goal. In a fat loss phase for example, you may have your side salad with light or no dressing. In a weight gain phase you can include the dressing to increase calories.⠀

It can be difficult to make the transition from a weight loss to a weight gain phase, especially if you’ve been dieting for a while. It will take time for your mentality to adjust to one of surplus than deficit. So keeping your diet mostly the same is a great strategy.⠀

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