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Before the “If you’re hungry, you should eat & not starve yourself…” crowd shows up…

This topic is referring to ‘unnecessary’ snacking…

Keyword: ‘Unnecessary’!

If you’ve followed for a while, you’ve seen me post about the difference between true-physiological hunger vs. boredom-inspired hunger.

By no means am I telling you to starve yourself, that snacks are bad, or to not listen to your body/hunger signals…

I’m simply giving you actionable tips on how to best position yourself when bombarded with those negative impulses to snack mindlessly.

Got it?! Good. Now back to the snacking dilemma that many face…

Unnecessary snacking…when you find yourself wandering around the kitchen, opening the cabinets & fridge a dozen times over because there’s nothing better to do…yeah, that kind. 😅

If this is you, let’s talk about how to avoid racking up those extra calories before or after meals 👇

Here’s my Do’s and Do Not’s:

✅Stay Hydrated: If you find yourself wanting to snack, try drinking a glass of cold water first. This can help deter the initial reaction to reach for the bag of potato chips, helping you to realize you really weren’t that hungry in the first place.

✅Keep Yourself Occupied: Don’t let eating be something you do just because you have nothing better to do. Find another way to preoccupy yourself. Go outside, read a book, argue about politics on Facebook, etc. 😂

✅Plan Meals: Planning what & when you’re going to eat can provide the simple structure necessary to prevent you from mindlessly snacking the day away.

❌Keep Easy Access Snacks: Don’t leave those tempting snack foods just sitting on the counter! An easy fix to this problem is to put trigger foods out of sight in a less visible place. Are you more likely to eat those Oreos if they are in the very back of the pantry on the top shelf or if they’re just sitting there teasing you on the counter?!

❌Skipping Meals/Grazing: By eating at your regular meals, you’ll be less likely to snack the afternoon away. This can help to kee

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