9 FOODS TO EAT WHEN DIETING by ⠀ When calories are restricted (as a result of t…

9 FOODS TO EAT WHEN DIETING by @grantgirsky

When calories are restricted (as a result of the necessary calorie deficit to lose weight), it’s important that you incorporate plenty of nutrient-dense, filling foods into your diet.

More filling foods usually means more manageable hunger.

Managing hunger is a key step to adhering to your diet. If you are constantly hungry, you’re chances of sticking to your diet drop (& chances of late night binging increase).

Now…the elephant in the room…👇

”How in the world is pizza on this list?!”

While pizza may not be as low-cal, nutrient-dense and satiating as the other eight, it still represents a key factor in sticking to your diet, which is adherence & sustainability.

It’s so crucial that you are actually able to STICK to your diet plan. If your plan is too restrictive, you’ll probably be able to stick to it for a period of time…

..But eventually, you end up falling right back into your old eating habits.

By incorporating foods that you enjoy, you are less likely to go off the rails later because you’ve been so restricted.

The takeaway here👇👇👇

If you’re following a plan that doesn’t allow you to occasionally indulge in foods you enjoy (like pizza), you juuust might be following the wrong plan 😉

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