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9 Foods That Balance Hormones @chris.rocchio_fit
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?Crash Course time? – Keeping hormones in balance is difficult when we are surrounded by endocrine disruptors (chemicals that alter hormone function). They are found in food, cosmetics, plastics, scented and hygiene products, water supplies, etc. You can’t escape them, but no need to stress out about them too much when there are steps you can take to mitigate their effects.

Biggest culprits are xenoestrogens (mimic estrogen). Estrogen dominance is a problem for both women & men, & having too much is associated w/ higher body fat %, low muscle mass, & higher risk of cancer. –
Here are 9 foods that can help you metabolize excess estrogen & restore hormonal balance.

1️⃣Citrus fruits: Provide antioxidants (vitamin C, hesperidin, quercetin) that protect against damage from estrogen and D-limonene, which metabolizes and removes estrogen.

2️⃣Fermented Foods: probiotic bacteria aids digestive function, which aids eliminating estrogen & reducing body fat. Stored body fat secretes estrogen.

3️⃣Cruciferous Veggies: Metabolizing estrogen down a specific pathway (C-2) decreases cancer risk. These veggies provide the compounds glucoraphanin & DIM that promote elimination via the C-2 pathway.

4️⃣Red Wine: Moderation is key, but a small amount provides a healthy dose of antioxidants, like resveratrol, that help remove estrogen & block aromatase (an enzyme that turns testosterone into estrogen).

5️⃣High Fiber Fruits/Veggies: reduce the amount of a specific enzyme that recirculates estrogen in the body. –
6️⃣Green Tea: blocks aromatase and contains antioxidants that protect against damage.

7️⃣Seeds: Sesame, fenugreek, flax: Provide a fiber called lignans that bind to estrogen in digestive tract & excretes it from the body.

8️⃣Fish Oil (Omega 3): EPA & DHA help eliminate estrogen safely down a pathway that doesn’t damage DNA.

9️⃣Tart Cherries: rich in phytonutrients that raise levels of melatonin, which blocks aromatase.

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