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? 12 Best Fat Burning Foods?? Please follow @bodybuilding.tricks for more great content!!?? –
❌ So here’s the thing… if you only read the infographic above (and avoid the content in this caption), you will only derive a small snippet of the value from this post.
? The truth is this: You CAN Eat ANY Food You Want AND Still LOSE FAT!
? You can also eat any food you want and gain body fat (though that’s a very unlikely goal haha).
?? And the reason that BOTH of the above statements are true is because of a concept called ENERGY BALANCE, and The Law of Thermodynamics:
(Calories consumed) – (Calories expended) = Weight gained/lost
⚡️ This is essentially “Calories in” vs. “Calories out”, where you need to be having less calories “in” than calories “out” in order to lose weight.
? And while it makes a lot of sense to eat mostly healthy foods like berries, spinach, chicken breast, melon, asparagus and bananas… you CAN eat some Oreos and a slice of pizza every now and again so long as you are not over consuming calories.
? And the reason that all of the above foods are “the best” is because they allow you enough micronutrients, on top of enjoying your diet through flexibility.
? But also know this… EVERY food in moderation can also be “the best” (unless you are allergic, or something, duh) so don’t be a headline reader – always look for the depth hidden in the caption, and eat according to your preferences and goals!
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