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Ideally, everyone has had indigestion at one time; this is a condition medics describe as a feeling of discomfort or a burning feeling in the upper abdomen.
In some cases, Janvier Rusizana, a general practitioner says, one may also have heartburn or feel bloated as well as feel nauseated. All these, he says are symptoms and signs that one has indigestion issues.
How this comes about, the medic says normally, one experiences indigestion issues from eating too much or too fast, eating high-fat foods, or eating when stressed.
Besides, he mentions that some factors or habits can also aggravate the condition.
These may include smoking, drinking too much alcohol, using some medicines, being tired, and having ongoing stress.
Gerald Ruzindana, a health and wellness specialist at Amazon Nutrition Cabinet, a clinic in Kigali that deals with diet, physical wellness, and lifestyle says it's ideal to understand that indigestion is simply feeling stomach pain or discomfort while the body digests food.
He says this can as well be brought about by the stomach's oversensitivity to acid or by the stomach stretching after a meal.
 How to go about it
Ruzindana says to prevent indigestion from happening, one of the ways includes avoiding foods and situations that seem to cause it.
Because indigestion can be a sign of a more serious problem, he advises that it’s ideal also to seek help from the health care providers, especially if it lasts for more than two weeks or if one has severe pain or other symptoms.
He goes on to note that lifestyle changes such as losing weight if one is overweight, cutting down alcohol, eating regular meals, and giving up smoking are vital when it comes to staying away from indigestion issues.
Aside from this, he says exercise, relaxation techniques, psychological therapies, and acupuncture have also been proven to alleviate the problem.
Meanwhile, Rusizana says that there are some home remedies that one can try  out tohelp ease the problem of indigestion.
For instance, he mentions that using apple cider vinegar has been proven helpful in helping ease indigestion problems.
The health benefits of apple cider vinegar apart from just improving the condition of the skin and encouraging weight loss,  may also help to ease indigestion.
He explains that this is so because since too little stomach acid can trigger indigestion, drinking  apple cider vinegar helps increase the  body’s production of stomach acid.
Another remedy he says is taking ginger, especially in tea.
“This is another natural remedy for indigestion because it can reduce stomach acid,” he says.
How this can be done, Rusizana says one can drink a cup of ginger tea as needed to soothe the stomach and get rid of indigestion.
Other options, he says include making your own ginger water by boiling one or two pieces of ginger root in four cups of water and adding flavor with lemon or honey before drinking.
However, the medic caution that limiting your ginger consumption to 3 to 4 grams per day is vital as consuming too much ginger can cause gas, throat burn, and heartburn.
Another simple remedy for indigestion is taking lemon water.
“The alkaline effect of lemon water also neutralizes stomach acid and improves digestion. Along with easing indigestion, lemon water, is also an excellent source of vitamin C,” he adds.
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