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Get rid of indigestion by following these natural remedies for constipation
Constipation is one of the most rampant digestive disorder. While intake of fiber-less food is one of the major reasons behind indigestion, an ill-maintained lifestyle can also lead to constipation. Overlooking this problem can result in deadly health hazards like ulcer and other intestinal disorders. Thus, it is important that we empty our stomach everyday to stay away from unwanted problems. Although it is common among those with the age above 40, but excessive intake of junk food has brought the age bar down, ruining the lives of many young individuals.
Here are some simple natural remedies which can help you empty your stomach every day-
1. Fiber-rich food
A post by nutritionist Lovneet Batra “Nutrition by Lovneet” reveals the possible causes behind constipation and what all can be done to deal with it.
Munmun Ganeriwal shares her magic mix recipe with her viewers on her Instagram handle. This mx can help ease acidity, indigestion, bloating and even constipation. Munmun Ganeriwal has shared a magic mix recipe with viewers on Instagram
Fiber acts like a pipe cleaner, scrapping out food and waste particles from your digestive tract and soaking up water. It bulks up your stool so that they keep food moving along.
You should aim for around 20 to 35 grams of fibre a day to improve your digestion process.
Foods particularly high in fiber include bran cereals, beans, lentils, oatmeal, almonds and many more. Also, if you are constipated and taking in additional fiber, make sure that you plenty of water to keep your stool soft and easy to pass.
2. Mint or ginger tea
Mint and ginger are both an amazing home based remedies to alleviate a lot of digestive problems. Both of these ingredients stimulate the digestion process if taken in the form of tea every morning. Dandelion tea is a gentle laxative and detoxifier.

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3. Lemon Water
The citric acid in lemon juice acts as an amazing stimulator for your digestive system and can easily release harmful toxins from your body. Squeeze fresh lemons into a glass of warm water every morning to improve your long-term indigestion problem.
4. Raisins
Raisins are high in fiber and also contains tartaric acid which has a laxative effect. In one of the studies, doctors determined that panelists who ate four and a half ounces of raisins per day had their digested food make it through the digestive track in half the time it took other subjects who did not. You can add raisins to your favourite desserts or to your breakfast bowl of cereals to garner the benefits of gut-soothing probiotics.
5. Coffee
Coffee-particularly dark-roast coffee-stimulates digestion and contains fiber oil and water, all of which help keep the bowels moving. But make sure that you don’t take coffee in excess as caffeine can affect your nervous system.
6. Stay Hydrated
One of the simplest ways to improve your digestion is to drink plenty of water as it facilitates digestion and supports muscular function. On an average, drinking around 5-6 litres of water can help in moving out the waste smoothly out of the large intestine.
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