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Cough home remedies: Here are some effective home remedies you must try
Are you experiencing constant cough at night? You are not alone. Many face this problem every night, especially during the winter season. You may feel a string tickling in your throat which can disturb your sleep. Most people experience dry cough at night while very few don’t. Cough at night can make it difficult for you to fall asleep. Some powerful home remedies can help you fight cough and treat it naturally. If you are also experiencing constant cough at night, here are some home remedies which might help. These remedies can help you ensure proper sleep at night.

Running nose, sneezing, blocked nose, headaches, body aches and fatigue are common symptoms of cold. A combination of camphor, eucalyptus and menthol can help in fighting against cough and cold.
Winter health tips: Both onion and garlic have impressive health benefits. This family of vegetables contain potent oils that have an anti-microbial action, so they may help protect against bacterial and viral infections.

Teas are good for your throat. You can drink ginger tea for some relief. Turmeric tea is another good option to try. You can drink a cup of tea before going to bed. It will give you natural relief from cold and cough symptoms. Tulsi tea or many other herbal teas are beneficial for fighting cough.
Some teas can help you control the symptoms of cold and cough
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Honey is good for your health in many ways. It should definitely be a part of your winter diet. Honey can help you fight coughing at night as well. Honey can be added to your cup of tea or to a glass of warm milk. You can add honey to your diet in various other ways.
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Ginger has powerful properties that can help you fight cough. You can prepare ginger tea with fresh ginger slices. You can also mix a few drops of ginger juice with honey. Consume this before sleeping in a small quantity. This mixture can give you effective results in three to four days only.
Ginger tea can help you treat sore throat and cough
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When it comes to cold and cough steam is the best home remedy suggested by many. It can give you quick and instant relief. Steam will also give you relief from stuffed nose.
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Liquids are extremely necessary to fight cold and cough. Drinking more and more hot liquids can give you relief from coughing at night. You can drink warm turmeric milk for effective results. Soups are also a great choice which can also help you fight cough.
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