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Blood Pressure 911 is a dietary supplement that uses vitamins, minerals, and herbal extracts to support heart health in various ways. According to the information on the official website, you take two capsules of Blood Pressure 911 every day, and the supplement can purportedly:

  • Help reduce bad cholesterol (LDL) levels
  • Help restore energy levels
  • Help to overcome the side effects of blood pressure drugs
  • Help to manage blood sugar levels

This supplement can be found online through and it may be able to support healthy blood pressure, support cholesterol, and avoid the side effects of blood pressure medication, among other benefits. So, Does Blood Pressure 911 really work? Let’s take a closer look at this heart health supplement.
About Blood Pressure 911
By targeting cholesterol, Blood Pressure 911 could support healthy blood pressure. Approximately half of all people with high blood pressure have high cholesterol. Blood Pressure 911 wants to help reduce the bad cholesterol in your bloodstream, making it easier for your blood to flow throughout your body.
The makers of Blood Pressure 911 are marketing the supplement online as a “Japanese farmer’s secret” that “naturally lowers high blood pressure.” The formula’s creator claims he suffered a stroke at his granddaughter’s baptism, ultimately leading him to discover a natural way to lower blood pressure without medication.
Typically, doctors recommend taking blood pressure medication to manage blood pressure. Can Blood Pressure 911 really help? Or is it yet another overhyped heart health supplement? Let’s take a closer look at how the formula works.

How Does Blood Pressure 911 Work?
Blood Pressure 911 works using a blend of vitamin C, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, niacin, and folate.
Of course, you can get these vitamins from any multivitamin supplement,
What makes Blood Pressure 911 different from a multivitamin is its use of hawthorn extract, garlic, olive leaf extract, green tea, and juniper berry, among other herbal extracts and natural ingredients. These ingredients may help support heart health in various ways.
To understand how Blood Pressure 911 works, it helps to understand the story behind the formula.
The Story Behind Blood Pressure 911
As part of a 2020 marketing campaign, the makers of Blood Pressure 911 advertise the supplement online as a “Japanese farmers secret that naturally lowers high blood pressure.”

Blood Pressure 911

On a sales page, we hear from a man named Ed Corcoran. When Ed was 48 years old, he was attending his granddaughter Rebecca’s baptism. Within minutes of attending the baptism, Ed had suffered a stroke. Ed was out of work for 9 months. He ultimately owed $84,500 in medical debt because of the stroke, ruining his retirement plan.

Blood Pressure 911

Ed hated drugs, and he hated mainstream medical advice. He decided to research cheaper, natural cures for high blood pressure.
One night Ed ate at his favorite Japanese restaurant in Chicago. He spoke to the restaurant manager, explaining how he loved the food – but he would no longer be able to eat it because of his high blood pressure. Ed started working with a Japanese doctor named Dr. Nakamura, with 30 years of medical experience, to make a long story short. Dr. Nakamura specializes in treating high blood pressure using natural solutions. In fact, Dr. Nakamura claims “his patients have no high blood pressure at all.”

Blood Pressure 911

Dr. Nakamura used his medical experience to recommend a natural solution to Ed’s high blood pressure. Dr. Nakamura’s natural solution targets blood vessel stiffness syndrome or BVSS. Over time, your arteries stiffen, increasing the risk of high blood pressure. Eventually, Ed packaged Dr. Nakamura’s recommended solution into a nutritional supplement. Today, Ed sells that solution online in the form of Blood Pressure 911.

Blood Pressure 911 Ingredients
Blood Pressure 911 discloses ingredients and dosages upfront, although most active ingredients are found within the proprietary formula. We know the overall dose of that proprietary formula, although we don’t know the individual dosages within that formula. Many manufacturers use proprietary formulas to hide trade secrets, preventing other manufacturers from copying their blends.

Blood Pressure 911

Buchu: Blood Pressure 911 emphasizes the power of buchu, which they describe as a “wonder plant” with natural anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antioxidant, and antifungal properties, among other benefits. The manufacturer claims buchu is “great for people who want to lower their blood pressure naturally.”

Blood Pressure 911

Juniper Berry: Juniper berry was traditionally used to lower high blood pressure, and some small studies on animals have indicated similar effects.
Olive Leaf: Blood Pressure 911 contains olive leaf extract, which could lower high blood pressure, according to some small studies. Researchers observed a drop in blood pressure and cholesterol after taking olive leaf compared to a placebo in one study.
Other Herbs and Extracts: Blood Pressure 911 also contains hawthorn, garlic, hibiscus, and green tea. Out of all of these ingredients, green tea extract is the most proven: thousands of studies have linked green tea to cardiovascular support and other benefits.
The makers of Blood Pressure 911 package all of these ingredients into a gelatin capsule. You take two capsules daily to support blood pressure in various ways.
Scientific Evidence for Blood Pressure 911
Blood Pressure 911 has not completed any clinical trials or scientific studies, proving it lowers blood pressure. That’s not unusual, as most nutritional supplement companies do not invest in clinical trials.
As the makers of Blood Pressure 911 explain, the ingredients within the supplement are backed by their own research. There’s some evidence the ingredients in Blood Pressure 911 could help with blood pressure in various ways, although more research is needed on several ingredients.

Blood Pressure 911

First, Blood Pressure 911 contains a range of vitamins and minerals linked to overall health and wellness. The supplement contains a powerful dose of vitamin B12 (4,167% of your Daily Value). Many people are vitamin B12 deficient. If you are vegan or vegetarian and do not take a vitamin B12 supplement, you are almost certainly deficient in vitamin B12. There are no plant-based sources of vitamin B12, and many people experience a noticeable increase in energy after taking a vitamin B12 supplement.

Of course, you can get vitamin C, niacin, and other ingredients in any ordinary multivitamin. It’s the other ingredients in Blood Pressure 911 that make it unique – and that justifies the high price tag.
PhytAge Labs cites this 2008 study published in Physiotherapy Research. Researchers gave 500mg to 1,000mg of olive leaf extract to rats and then found noticeable improvements in blood pressure, cholesterol, and other cardiovascular health measurements after 8 weeks. Olive leaf extract seemed to help rats enjoy better cardiovascular health genuinely.
There are two obvious problems with that study, of course. First, Blood Pressure 911 contains a much smaller dose of olive leaf extract. And second, the study was performed on rats – not humans.
There are human studies; however, showing olive leaf extract can help with cardiovascular health in various ways. In fact, a Mediterranean diet (rich in olive oil and similar foods) is linked with proven heart health benefits. Researchers observed these effects in this 2016 study when they gave olive leaf extract to a group of 60 men with high blood pressure. After 6 weeks of taking 140mg of olive leaf extract per day, researchers observed significant blood pressure measurement improvements.
Blood Pressure 911 emphasizes the power of its flagship ingredient: buchu. This is the “Japanese farmer’s secret” mentioned in the Blood Pressure 911 headline. Although buchu sounds like a Japanese word, it’s actually a plant from South Africa. It’s been traditionally used as medicine for centuries in South Africa, although modern evidence hasn’t produced many benefits. More large-scale research is needed to confirm the benefits of buchu.
One of the most proven ingredients in Blood Pressure 911 is garlic extract. You can take garlic extract supplements directly. You can also take garlic extract as part of a larger overall formula – like in Blood Pressure 911. Research suggests garlic increases the body’s nitric oxide production, helping muscles relax, and blood vessels dilate, reducing high blood pressure. Although it’s unclear how effective the garlic’s dosage in Blood Pressure 911 is, garlic extract is a popular and proven blood pressure aid used for millennia.

Blood Pressure 911

Ultimately, there’s some evidence the ingredients in Blood Pressure 911 can lower blood pressure and support cardiovascular health in other ways. However, you may be able to find similar ingredients in much cheaper supplements – or even in basic multivitamins – at a higher dose and lower price.
Blood Pressure 911 Pricing
Blood Pressure 911 is exclusively available through or the PhytAge Laboratories official website, priced at $69 per bottle. If ordering multiple bottles, you can drop the price as low as $49 per bottle.

All prices include US shipping.
Each bottle of Blood Pressure 911 contains 60 capsules (60 servings) or a one month supply of formula. You take two capsules per day to support blood pressure.
You can opt into a membership program and save 10% on future bottles. You receive a new bottle every month at a discount rate until you cancel.
Blood Pressure 911 Refund Policy
All purchases come with a 90-day money-back guarantee. You can request a complete refund within 90 days. If Blood Pressure 911 does not significantly lower your blood pressure within 90 days, then you are entitled to a complete refund.
Who’s Behind Blood Pressure 911?
Blood Pressure 911 is made by a nutritional supplement company named PhytAge Laboratories. That company makes a range of supplements targeting different health goals – including everything from joint pain to inflammation to testosterone.

Blood Pressure 911

PhytAge Labs is based in Bee Cave, Texas, although we’ve also seen the company reference addresses in New York or Denver. You can contact the company using the following methods:

  • Email:
  • Phone: 1-800-822-5753
  • Mailing Address: 12600 Hill Country Boulevard Suite R-275, Bee Cave, Texas 78738

Final Word
Blood Pressure 911 is a dietary supplement that promises to support heart health in various ways. You take two capsules of Blood Pressure 911 per day to help lower cholesterol and support other aspects of cardiovascular health.
Blood Pressure 911 contains ingredients like B vitamins and garlic that could support blood pressure in various ways. However, anyone with high blood pressure should listen to their doctor’s advice – not the advice of a nutritional supplement company.
Blood Pressure 911 is, however, backed by a 90-day refund policy. If Blood Pressure 911 does not significantly lower blood pressure within 60 days, then you can request a full refund.

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