Tired of coughing? Here are 5 easy home remedies to stop coughing – PINKVILLA

The cough happens when foreign irritants enter the throat. It is actually good as it helps clear the airways and get rid of irritants. However, persistent coughing can keep you up all night and disrupt your normal routine. Usually, a cough goes away on its own without treatment. But, if it doesn’t, then there are some easy home remedies to cure it.
To cure an itchy throat people often look for home remedies as these do not have any side-effects and are pretty effective. There are some natural remedies with which cough can be treated with everyday kitchen ingredients. Here are 5 ways to treat cough and congestion at home.


Inhaling steam regularly can help clear your airway. Pour boiling water in a bowl and take a towel over your head to inhale the steam properly. 
Saltwater Gargle
Gargling with salt water will clear your throat and get rid of any mucus. Mix hot water with a pinch of salt and gargle every day to cure cough.
Yes, believe it or not, chocolate is beneficial for cough. The cocoa present in chocolates can help suppress cough and it protects the nerve endings. 
Honey has antioxidants and it helps suppress the cough by acting as a sticky coating to protect the throat from irritants. 
Eucalyptus Oil
This oil can be rubbed on the chest to relieve cough and congestion. It helps to clear the airways and can also be put in boiling water while inhaling steam.
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