These are the BEST Natural Constipation Remedies – PINKVILLA

Constipation is a very uncomfortable feeling. It makes you feel sick and uneasy. The common causes for constipation include overeating, certain lifestyle habits, dehydration, smoking, etc. People often suffer from chronic constipation which lasts for weeks and is extremely unbearable and uncomfortable.
While there are medications available to treat it, changing your lifestyle habits and diet can often alleviate it. There are also many home remedies to cure constipation and provide relief to the person. Here are 5 such home remedies to relieve constipation.


Consume dietary fibre
Increasing dietary fibre intake helps pass the bowel movement easily through your digestive system. Eat easy-to-digest foods that are rich in fibre like avocado, berries, prunes, bananas, etc.
Often constipation occurs due to lack of water content in the body. Drinking more water can give you instant relief and help you pass the stool with ease and without much effort. Avoid consuming carbonated drinks as it may worsen your condition.
Bananas are the solution for every stomach problem. They are good for the digestive system as they are a rich source of fibre and stimulate good bacteria in the body. Having bananas daily can provide instant relief from constipation.
Having caffeinated drinks like Coffee stimulates the colon and urges you to go to the loo. Coffee contains soluble fibre which soaks up water and softens the stool and improves consistency thereby making it easier to pass.
Sometimes all your body needs is some physical activity to deal with constipation. Exercise helps the food to move through the bowels easily. Do exercises like walking, cycling, swimming, etc. to help stimulate your muscles in the digestive system.
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