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Painful swelling that comes with common morning bloat is often attributed to several things (for example, maybe you ate a large meal right before bed or drank too much soda). Whatever the reason for it, your morning bloating can be soothed with the help of natural remedies, and we reached out to health and nutrition experts to learn more about one tried and true hot beverage that is often linked to smoother digestion. Read on for gut health tips and suggestions from Lisa Richards, registered nutritionist and Dr. JB Kirby, doctorate-prepared nurse practitioner.

Why Peppermint Tea Is A Classic Remedy For Morning Bloat 

Fresh, hot tea in the morning with or after breakfast can help soothe bloating, experts say, and one tea stands out from others (although there are many healthy options out there). Peppermint tea, Richards explains, has been used for hundreds of years as a means of  improving metabolism and aiding digestion. The catechins in this tea, she says (which are classified as flavonoids), are the metabolism-boosting compounds of the drink. 
This tea’s antifungal nature is also responsible for its ability to help improve digestion health, according to Richards. “A cup of peppermint tea after a meal can help alleviate gas and bloating while also speeding along digestion and potentially metabolism through this means as well,” she notes. 

Kirby agrees, and adds that peppermint tea is great for your gut as it contains menthol. “Menthol has been scientifically proven to help the gastrointestinal (GI) system relax,” says Kirby, “This helps relieve bloat.” She also says that patients with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) can “also use peppermint tea to relieve their symptoms.”
Peppermint tea is interesting in its ability to help fight a wide variety of illnesses, Richards concludes. “This is primarily attributed to its antifungal properties,” she says. “When possible it is best to purchase organic teas to prevent potentially taking in toxins and unwanted additives.” 
Try it with your breakfast this week and see a noticeable difference if you often suffer from morning bloating! Overall, our sources stress that a visit to your doctor is crucial if swelling and indigestion persists. 
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