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Pure Yeva puts the power in consumers’ hands, allowing them to inform the direction of its products. Pure Yeva founder Kevin Thomas drew inspiration from user feedback to rebrand the proprietary blend of essential oils. People found the blend useful for a bunch of uses, and Thomas incorporated this information in the now rebranded 7-drops multitasking body oil.
While visiting the Dominican Republic, Thomas noticed how different women in America and the Dominican Republic dealt with stress and discomfort from their menstrual cycle. Home remedies, concoctions, and warm compresses are predominant in the Dominican Republic, while the USA highly turns to over-the-counter medication. Seeing this stark contrast, an idea to shape and create holistic wellness through natural essential oil blends started to shape his mind. That is how Pure Yeva was created.

The uses for essential oils stretch far and wide, and Thomas tapped into this, working to create essential oil mixes as an alternative for PMS symptoms. Thus began the research and formulation journey, studying various ingredients like organic Sunflower, Apricot kernel oil, Lavender essential oil, Ylang-Ylang essential oil, wintergreen essential oil, and clary sage. This then led to a partnership with a manufacturer that champions natural science. The goal was to create natural body products that promote a healthy period.
After the research period, Thomas created the first product, handed out about 200 samples, and collected feedback over two years about the formulation and its impact on alleviating PMS symptoms. He found that people who used the product found more uses for it beyond what he had set for the product. This shaped the creation of new multitasking body oil. “We did not imagine ladies would use the essential oil to help sleep, for skincare (mixing the oil with their body lotion), as a healing aftershave, and soothing insect bites. Their feedback prompted us to rebrand the blend to 7 Drops Multitasking Body oil,” said Thomas.

The herbal health blend contains 7 ingredients that promote seven different benefits:
–  Comforts cramps
–  Promotes less stress
–  Promotes muscle relaxation
–  It helps users fall asleep faster
–  Hydrates the skin
–  It acts as a healing aftershave
–  Soothes insect bites.
How to use 7 Drops essential body oil
The essential oil is easy to use. All that is needed is to massage the oil in parts of the body that crave relaxation and relief, from the lower abdomen to neck, back, feet and shoulders. People can also get rid of their grogginess by rubbing the oil on their wrist and deeply inhaling as the floral notes awaken and rejuvenate.
The team at Pure Yeva is committed to ensuring that people can amplify their wellness by adopting a holistic lifestyle.
About Pure Yeva
Pure Yeva is a natural skincare brand that simplifies wellness tools and formulations. Through holistic skincare, Pure Yeva products amplify wellness and self-healing powers. Created by Kevin Thomas, he and his small team of creatives are dedicated to putting customers at the heart of their operation, making Pure Yeva a truly whole-istic self-care and lifestyle brand.
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Country: United States
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